5 Keys to a Safe and Healthy New Year’s Eve

This year more than ever perhaps, we are eagerly anticipating the advancing calendar… longing for a new year that hopefully ushers in more hopeful times than 2020. As you plan your celebration for December 31st, these 5 keys will help you have a safe, healthy and celebratory welcome to the new year.

#1 – Drink responsibly… which could mean not at all.

Everyone has a different tolerance for alcohol. In general, men can handle more than women. Be smart about the amount of alcohol you consume on New Year’s Eve. If you know you have can have 2 drinks before you start feeling tipsy or doing things you might regret, then do not get to that point. If you know you cannot handle it at all, then stay away. You can have lots of fun without putting yourself and potentially others at risk. Be responsible!

#2 – If you’re going out, plan a way home.

New Year’s Eve is on of the more dangerous nights to be out on the roads primarily because people don’t head the warnings in #1 above. If you are going out and plan to have even one drink, please plan to have an alternate way home if you drove yourself. Thankfully, we now have riding sharing programs that can bring a safe driver to you within minutes. Better yet, offer to be the designated driver for your friends!

#3 – Eat to enjoy, not to gorge as if its your last meal.

Many people think, “what the heck? I’m going to just start my diet ‘next year’!” And then they eat their way through the holidays. When we meet with people at the end of the year, they often use the holidays as an excuse not to start working with us until January. My reply to all of them is, “If you can do this now, during the holidays, you’ll be able to do it and sustain it at any time of year.” That being said, enjoy some food on New Year’s, but eat as if you’re still working on your resolution from last January!

#4 – Be with friends and/or family.

This is likely easy if you are an extrovert. For the rest of us (introverts), many times we just want to curl up on the couch and be alone. Engaging with other people is vitally important for your health, believe it or not. Just look at what’s going on this year, 2020. We’ve all been isolated beyond our normal and it’s taking a major toll on our mental health. Spend some time with family and friends to usher in the new year (just make sure no one has any symptoms)!

#5 – Engage with a heart of gratitude.

It is easy to be jaded as we end this strange year. However, if you are reading this, then you made it! There is actually a lot for which to be thankful. Take a few minutes before the clock strikes 2021 and jot down the top 5 things you are thankful for in 2020. Continue this practice into the New Year, being mindful of your gratitude, and I guarantee it will change your life!



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