Here at New Life we use all the resources available to us to provide a healthy, integrative approach to a better you. Our innovative suite of services will allow our team to build a care plan specific to your goals. Your journey will not always be easy, but we aspire to create a positive environment that is focused on your success.

Within these walls you become family.

Our promise to you is simple. We will walk each step of this journey with you. We will encourage and offer support when you need it and cheer you on as you celebrate each and every victory until your New Life is achieved.

Meet Our Providers

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We take a unique approach to helping patients with chronic conditions.

We focus on the nervous and endocrine systems’ interactions as they control the rest of your body, and the immune system as it works to protect you.

Other practitioners may evaluate these systems individually and provide therapies or support for any one of them. We’re the only facility in the Upstate that combines all three. It’s this combination of brain-based evaluations and therapies, neurofeedback, and metabolic testing and support (specifically endocrine and immune) that enables us to get great results for our patients.

We work with patients in a systematic, yet personalized way, that’s designed to assess their specific health condition and determine if they’re a good candidate for our care.