Greenville SC Thyroid Doctor Answers – Why Does It Seem My Thyroid Medications Are Not Working?

Being prescribed thyroid medications can leave you with hope that you’ll start feeling better, but what if that doesn’t happen? What you might not know is that many people who take thyroid medications still feel low thyroid symptoms, but never figure out exactly why. Fortunately there is something you can do about it, and the first step is learning why medications sometimes aren’t always the appropriate solution.

Why Your Medication Isn’t Effective

It might surprise you to learn that there are many reasons why thyroid medications aren’t suitable for every person with a thyroid problem. These include:

– Other Health Issues

Traditional care providers only look at TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels when they are helping low thyroid patients. If the TSH levels come back outside of the “normal” ranges, then medication will generally be prescribed. Unfortunately this leaves a lot of room for error, as there are other problems that could be triggering the TSH levels to be off. More comprehensive testing could help with this, but most traditional doctors are trained to do one test before they determine whether or not to prescribe medication.

The truth is, thyroid medications only work if TSH is truly the root cause of the problem. If there is something else going on, then medications will not be effective.

– Quick Fix Mentality

Dealing with a low thyroid problem takes time and normally requires permanent lifestyle changes. Unfortunately most people have the “quick fix” mentality because their physicians scoot them out of the office so quickly they are left with the impression that there is nothing else they can do besides take the medication. However, if you want to truly improve your health, it’s going to take time and a commitment to change.

Better Care for Your Low Thyroid

You shouldn’t be left with the impression that you’re “stuck” feeling the way that you do. If you’re willing to take time to learn more about your health and explore alternative care providers, there are options that might help. Functional wellness practitioners in particular are wonderful resources for solving thyroid problems, and that’s because they offer:

– Comprehensive Testing

– Long-Term Solutions

– Evidence-Based Care

– Personalized Wellness Plans

All of these things add up to care that may make a difference with the way that you feel, all without the use of medications. That’s because wellness practitioners focus on the root cause of the problem. They know that personalized care is important because no two thyroid problems are the same.

And while it’s impossible to determine which solutions would work for you until you have more testing done, it’s safe to say your wellness practitioner will work hard to help you. They want to see you thrive, which is why their care is so in-depth. They truly do partner with you for a brighter future so you can look forward with excitement and enthusiasm.



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