For women the world over, the subject of sexual pleasure is viewed as taboo, or it is too embarrassing to discuss. So it is either never spoken of or only done so in secret. At New Life, where our goal is self-improvement, no matter the area, we are proud to discuss an offering sure to improve women’s sex lives: the Laser Enhanced HER-Shot.

What is a Laser Enhanced HER-Shot?
Let’s start with discussing the HER-Shot.

An HER-Shot is a non-surgical procedure in which your blood platelets are injected into specific areas of the vagina and clitoris to rejuvenate the vagina and enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm strength and frequency. It also serves to cause the vagina to produce more natural lubrication, making for a more enjoyable, less painful sexual experience.

With laser enhancement, a laser is used to help produce collagen. That will, in turn, promote cells in the vaginal walls to rejuvenate, strengthening and tightening the area. This treatment will help to enhance sexual gratification for both the woman and her partner.

Additionally, if the woman suffers from urinary incontinence, this procedure will help to eliminate that issue.

The Laser Enhanced HER-Shot is perfect for women who have a decreased libido due to menopause, women whose vaginal walls were loosened during childbirth, or any woman who has experienced a decrease in sexual sensation.

Combining the HER-Shot and laser enhancement is ideal for any woman who wants a non-surgical way to take control of or regain her ability to experience sexual gratification and enhance her sex life.

What Should I Expect from the Procedure?
The procedure itself is short, and most report experiencing little to no pain or downtime.

Blood is drawn, and while the platelets are separated, the vaginal area is prepared with a numbing cream. Once the site is ready, shots are strategically placed in the vaginal area. The laser treatment will target specific areas of the vagina and only adds a few minutes to the procedure.

How Many Treatments Do I Need, and When Will I Notice a Change?
Most patients notice a change in their sexual desire and pleasure within a few days after the procedure. Typically by the time it is safe to engage in sex following the process, you will notice a positive difference in your sexual experience.

For most women, the results from one treatment will last from 12 to 14 months, but it is recommended to wait for a minimum of eight weeks between treatments.

Is Laser Enhanced HER-Shot Right for Me?
To give you a definitive answer to that question, call New Life and set up a free, no-obligation consultation with a medical professional. The two of you will discuss the procedure, risks, and possibilities. Together you will decide as to whether or not this is the proper procedure for you.

Call today to set up your appointment so you can be on the road to regaining pleasure from your sexual experiences again.