“Before coming to New Life, Max’s behaviors, especially at homework time were an issue. He didn’t want to hold a pencil, so he would cry anytime you asked him to write spelling words, write math, and writing stories was impossible. He would cry and cry and cry… He would have such anxiety about homework. His handwriting was atrocious. You could not hardly read it. This was all before therapy.Last week, he told me he had a math test and a reading test he had to do. He had stepped out to the nurse’s office and when he came back, the teacher said you have to finish these two tests and if you don’t you can stay in at recess and finish them when the room is quiet. He told me, “Mom, I took those tests and I did them so fast, I beat the kid next to me!” Literally, a week before that, it took him two days to take a math test because it was too overwhelming for him.

Monday, we came in for therapy and when we got in the car to leave, I handed him his spelling words and told him he needed to write his words. He said, “Okay,” and took the paper, picked up the pencil and wrote 25 spelling words twice and never looked up, never got distracted by what was going on around him, never asked me a question… 25 words in 3 minutes, done. I started crying! He’s never been able to do anything like that! We then got home and he completed his entire math paper without me helping him at all. He then had a writing assignment to work on which he normally cries about. He sat down to work on the assignment he had already started a few weeks prior. Before, if I would ask him to erase something, he would melt down and cry and even say he wanted to kill himself sometimes. This time he started correcting spelling and punctuation errors and even spacing issues by himself. He was so proud of himself. He said, “Mom! This is the way other kids do their homework!” Later on that same night, he sat through dinner and never got up one time. Normally, he couldn’t sit for more than five minutes before he would get up to get something or do something and we would have to constantly tell him to sit down. He just sat at the table with us and had conversations. I leaned over to my husband and said, “Look who sat through dinner tonight!”

It’s been a gradual progression of him being able to handle things, mentally and emotionally, that he could never handle before.

At school he had spatial awareness issues and would be in other kid’s space, poking them in the head, touching them and everything and bugging everyone. He is no longer getting in trouble for this and he doesn’t have the other kids getting mad at him for touching them or saying weird things to them. Even socially we’re seeing improvements.

I can’t tell you what this means for our whole family. It is changing so quickly. I can’t believe it. It’s just amazing to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would hug you if I could. I am praising God for answering our prayers!”

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- Brenda Anderson - Greer, South Carolina

“I came to Dr. Hirshorn for Neurofeedback therapy for symptoms of anxiety, depression, OCD, and ADD. I have struggled with ADD since I was a kid, but it led to a lot of anxiety when I entered college and had more pressure academically. The anxiety was crippling. I had been tested by a few doctors in regards to my learning disabilities that go along with my ADD but nothing was really helping me. Therapy and counseling can only help so much emotionally and therapy did not fix the actual internal problems for me. On a scale of 0-10 my symptoms were pretty high around 8 or 9. I had to take a semester completely off college to wrestle with these issues as my anxiety forced me to take time off. I needed to find out what was going on inside my brain and someone recommended neurofeedback to me.

I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my health after working with Dr. Hirshorn. I feel a lot more consistent in my mood and I am able to function under more pressure where my anxiety would force me to stop and quit in the past. I haven’t had an anxiety attack since I’ve started treatment. Everything that Dr. Hirshorn helped me with in terms of supplementation, diet, neurofeedback, and at-home exercises all increased the results of my therapy and I couldn’t be more pleased with my care. It’s been a huge change. I’m able to carry on with everyday life now and made it through a whole year of school. I did well academically for the first time in my college career!

I’m really thankful. I would recommend Neurofeedback therapy to anyone seeking help with any mental health issue. If you have any kids who have any issues, I’ve heard good feedback from other families as well. There is a cost for this therapy, but it could save you money and lots of time in the long run if you take advantage of the opportunity.”

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- PH Broyhill - Hickory, North Carolina

“We brought Jackson to New Life because the diet and other things we were doing were not giving us the full results we wanted. We decided to work with Dr. Hirshorn because he was recommended by a trusted friend and he offered a unique service in neurofeedback. Since enrolling in the program, Jackson has improved a lot, especially in his ability to focus on a task. He can concentrate on one activity for a long period of time now and his interest in the arts have exploded. Jackson’s teachers have also seen a vast improvement in his behavior.

- Rachel Hamilton - Simpsonville, South Carolina

“I decided I needed to get help for Michael because we tried several medications against my better judgement as a mother and educator. None of the meds worked and their side effects emotionally and physically were worse than the disability itself. I could see the harm that the medicine was doing to his body and mind. If I could see the problems already with the treatment in the short term, I became extremely concerned with the problems in the future as a result of taking this medication.I decided to work with Dr. Hirshorn at New Life because the traditional path for ADHD treatment does very little for helping the child to manage the condition. The pediatricians treated my child like a lab-rat or guinea pig. The scary thing to me is that they don’t education you for the process. None of the facts or statistics support the path they are currently taking with ADHD treatment.

My goal is that my child would develop awareness of how to work daily and function with his ADHD. This is a life-long goal overall. Awareness and trial & error happen over time slowly as research and information changes in terms of what we know about our environment and our body.The most significant improvements we have seen are the progress in concentration and focus and stabilization of mood swings.I have gained an understanding of how the mind & body can work together or fight each other based on physical activity and nutrition.I would recommend this program to others because I think that it’s important to share ways for ADHD treatment that are non-medicinal in their approach.”

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- Jennifer Paccapaniccia - South Carolina

“When we found Dr. Hirshorn, Grayson (age 8) had recently been put on medicine for ADD. We were so unhappy with how the meds were affecting our life that we were desperate for another solution. Grayson was constantly in trouble at school and everything was an ordeal. After coming in for the initial consultation, we knew this was going to be the answer to our prayers and signed him up. The change in his behavior is unbelievable. He is now on the A-honor roll at school and our family life is so much more enjoyable. I could never say enough good things about how wonderful the staff is and how thankful I am to them for giving my son the chance to have a normal healthy life".

- Mary Varnadore - Pelzer, South Carolina

Arthritis and Pain Management


“I could not be happier with the care I have received. With the help of the doctor, I have been as close to pain free as I have in about 10 years. I’m so thankful. I would recommend them to everyone suffering from pain. I would also say it is worth all the time and money put into the better health and well-being that Dr. Hirshorn offers.”

- Jackie Scott - Simpsonville, South Carolina


“I started coming to see Dr. Hirshorn several weeks ago for leg pain. The pain level was between an 8-10 out of 10. Its now down to a 2. I’ve really enjoyed coming to Dr. Hirshorn and he’s really helped me a lot.”

- June Sparks - Gray Court, South Carolina


“Hello, my name is Charles Twilley. I came in to see Dr. Hirshorn about pain that I had in my neck out to my shoulder down into the muscle in my arm. After his first treatment, I went home and overnight it seemed to just minimize itself, to go away. My movement is there, I don’t use any rubs or take any pain medication like I was doing before I came to him. My shoulder feels great! I’m going to continue these appointments until he says that it’s good for him. Thank you!”

- Charles Twilley - Simpsonville, South Carolina

“I am one of many that lived with the pain of arthritis daily. I do depend on over the counter meds to keep me going. I was talking to a friend one day and telling her of my arthritic pain and also some pain in my right side that was very painful. She suggested that I call Dr. Hirshorn to see what he could do for me because he helped her so very much. I made an appointment with Dr. Hirshorn and literally hobbled into his office. Weeks later, not only did that pain go away, but I had a general feeling of relief all over my body from the stiffness that this arthritis usually presents. This was done without the strong medication that you usually get when you go to a doctor. Dr. Hirshorn’s program is individually designed for each patient. I find him very concerned and sincere in making you well. If you are hurting in any way, I urge you to call Dr. Hirshorn so he can help you and make you feel well again!”

- Jane Wasilewski - Simpsonville, South Carolina

Brain Fog


“Before coming to New Life I had terrible brain fog, I couldn’t remember things. I was in major pain with the fibromyalgia. I was in a very deep depression and my anxiety was really bad. I didn’t talk to people or go anywhere. I’d go to the grocery store if I had to but that was it. I just wouldn’t go anywhere. I’d stay at home.Some of the changes I’ve noticed have included the pain management got better. The best part was when the brain fog started going away. My balance got better because I was falling a lot. I also started having a more secure feeling about myself.

It’s like getting a new life! I’m getting out, I’m talking to people. Not just in my apartment complex, but I’m going places. I have actually been doing some shopping which I haven’t done in over a year. And I’m enjoying it. I’m getting up in the morning and staying up instead of just wanting to go lay back down. I’m staying up longer. It’s like all of the sudden I feel like living again! I feel like participating in things again. My daughter said, ‘All of the sudden you’re posting on Facebook like crazy and you’ve never done that.’ I said, ‘Hey, I’m just enjoying it!’

I would recommend to those considering care to definitely do it. I have encouraged several people. I told them you have to work through one or two things to find out what’s the best for you. The hardest thing for me was the diet. The best thing was getting off the medication that I was on that was doing me a lot of harm. That in itself is a blessing.

I never thought that I’d feel like living again and I actually do. Now I get up in the morning and thank the Lord that I woke up. I wasn’t doing that before. I was going to bed asking him to take me home. It’s completely different, like night and day.

I am enjoying being me for the first time in a long time!”

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- Sharon Thompson - Simpsonville, South Carolina

“I went to Dr. Hirshorn after seeing him on TV. Ever since I was a child, I have had a problem with my weight. Then I started having problems sleeping in the early 1990s and couldn’t fall asleep or stay asleep, so I started taking Ambien every night. (That was awful because insurance would only let you get 20 pills a month – which 10 days did I want to be up all night?) In addition to this, I was beginning to have brain fog and memory issues. My children were getting worried so I knew I needed to do something.I have tried every diet – South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and the list goes on and on. I gained weight on some, l lost weight on some, but it always came back even though I ate very little. I even tried over-the-counter and prescription diet pills. Nothing seemed to work on a daily basis. On a scale of 1-10, my weight problem was definitely at 10. It’s all I thought about!

Going to see Dr. Hirshorn was the beginning of the end of my health issues. Through detailed analysis and testing, food that my body could not tolerate was identified. Once I eliminated those foods, I immediately saw improvement. My weight just FELL OFF and I even had to eat more food than normal. The weight loss was so significant that I even had one friend ask me if I was OK (wondered if I was seriously ill). My energy level increased tremendously, I started sleeping, my endurance has improved, and of course, my self-confidence has improved too.I improved so much, my internal medicine doctor agreed to decrease my medicine for high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, water retention and a few more. I am off all of that medication and my blood tests are still great! As Dr. Hirshorn said, this is a whole new lifestyle for me. I am sleeping (without medication), have energy, my memory/brain fog has improved, and I feel GREAT!!! I see friends and acquaintances that have problems and want them to go see Dr. Hirshorn to get help like I did. It’s a whole new world!”

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- Lisa Cunningham - Simpsonville, South Carolina

Diabetes Management

“I came to see Dr. Hirshorn for diabetes that I’ve suffered from for 3-4 years. My symptoms were about a 7 on a scale of 0-10. I started noticing improvement within 4-5 weeks. Overall, I’m about 65% better. My lab results showed a great improvement over a 90 day period. My HbA1c dropped over a point to below the diabetic range and my sugar is now below 100. I would tell someone considering care with Dr. Hirshorn that it worked for me.”

- Gary Ray - Greenville, South Carolina

Knee Pain


“I came to see Dr. Hirshorn for my left knee, which is bone-on-bone and my left shoulder which was dislocated several years ago and is frozen. The knee has been bothering me for 4 years and the shoulder for 3 years. The pain was a 5/10 when I first came in. I noticed improvements within in the first month. My pain is down to about a 1/10. I also had much trouble in my feet with neuropathy, severe tingling at times. Now it’s much, much better. Very seldom do I have any real problems anymore. Before I could only walk 50 feet before I would get pain, now I am able to walk quite a bit more. The care I received at New Life was excellent. If you are considering care with Dr. Hirshorn I would recommend you come try it, you might be surprised!”

- Evelyn Flack - Greenwood, South Carolina

“For knee pain that would develop with long walks or a lot of pressure on the knees. They’ve been bothering me for 6 or 7 years. It comes and goes, I’d say somewhere between 4 and 7 I’ve had a 2 different treatments and worked with 3 different doctors. After the first couple of weeks with Dr. Hirshorn, I noticed that the pain was less noticeable. It’s now about 70-80% better. I can now do my activities without getting the pain like I used to. I’m very happy with the changes we’ve made since I started the care here at New Life. I would encourage others to go ahead and try this therapy.”

- David Atkinson - Greenville, South Carolina


“The staff here is fantastic; they are very caring and they take care of all your needs if you have any other problems. I would suggest this to anybody. It’s almost like a miracle… you try everything, you’re desperate… I was a little skeptical at the beginning, but when I found the results were working, I was very, very happy about it. ”

- Pat Berube - Simpsonville, South Carolina


“During the month of August 2013, I saw in the newspaper that Dr. Hirshorn had a treatment that may help me to avoid surgery on the left knee. I have gone through 3 months of treatment and to my surprise and to my liking, the knee is not hurting, which I appreciate so much. I am now able to sit, stand and walk up stairs with no pain. Overall, I have had good success with the laser treatment and I would recommend it to anyone.”

- Tommy Kay - Mauldin, South Carolina


“My name is Roger Sexton. I came to Dr. Hirshorn with a lot of knee pain, leg pains, and toes that were tingling with no feeling in them. This has been going on for about three and a half years. I have seen other doctors and the only thing they could do to help me was with pain medication. Dr. Hirshorn has helped me with treatments that have helped me tremendously. I have more movement, I can bend better, I have less pain, I don’t wake up all through the night with heavy pain. What Dr. Hirshorn has been doing so far has helped me a lot.”

- Roger Sexton - Greenville, South Carolina

I came to Dr. Hirshorn for pain and swelling in both knees. My symptoms had been ongoing for six months and I had seen two other doctors before coming to New Life. When I began treatment my symptoms were about an 8 on a scale of 1-10. After three treatments, I could see improvement. At this point, I have approximately 80% improvement. I can now walk, mow the lawn and have no pain going up and down stairs.I am totally pleased with the results of my care and would highly recommend this treatment.

- Billie McGaha - Simpsonville, South Carolina

My knees were in really bad shape for about 10 years before coming to New Life. I had been to two different doctors before seeing Dr. Hirshorn. On a scale of 1-10, my knee pain was a 10! After my first treatment, it took about a week before I started to notice the change in my knees. I didn’t have much pain. I could walk better. I just felt good. I have noticed 90% improvement. I can work a lot better, walk longer and pain free. I would tell anybody to have this treatment, it will change your life. God knows how bad I used to be and how hard I would cry like a baby. This is the best thing I could have done for myself. I have my life back and I thank God for Dr. Hirshorn. Thank you!

- Letricia Stokes - Simpsonville, South Carolina



“I heard about New Life on WLFJ talk radio. I heard you do a commercial. You were advertising a seminar. I sat through the seminar and I knew that you knew what you were talking about. So many things that you mentioned, I was struggling with. I was convinced that you could help me.Before I came in, I was having problems sleeping at night… waking every 15 minutes. My hands were gong numb, tingling at times. Because I wasn’t sleeping at night, I couldn’t stay awake during the day. That was the worst of it. I did also have a little pain in my feet, but that was just early in the morning. The worst of it was the sleep. My sleep was all messed up. I had no energy and it was hard to stay focused. It was terrible. I felt horrible!

Previously, I had gone to a nutritionist and to Whole Foods, started doing a little research, found that I was probably deficient in some vitamins. I tried to treat it myself. That was not working.

I started Dr. Hirshorn’s program including diet changes, supplements and in-office therapies and it was probably only two weeks into therapy that the sleep radically changed. Sleep is so important. I cannot tell you how much better it was to be able to sleep for 2 hours straight, 3 hours straight. Within two weeks, I was not wanting to sleep during the day. I feel like that because my sleep got better, I got better. I have the energy now to do the many things I’m involved in. The tingling of the hands was a bit slower, but it came along too within probably a month to six weeks. Right before I started with you, I started having a little indigestion and I’ve never had that before, and probably within a month the burping stopped too. My hair stopped falling out and I also started losing weight. It was amazingly beter. I’ve been very pleased and I am so thankful for the progress so far.

I am a person to ask many questions concerning my health and Dr. Hirshorn is a compassionate doctor. I would highly recommend anyone considering care with Dr. Hirshorn to come sit through the seminar, hear what you’ve got to say. I would highly recommend this to anybody. To my family, to my friends. And I have highly recommended it to my family and my friends. I am very thankful. I had to do a lot of changes in my life. I changed my diet, which was huge. Whatever Dr. Hirshorn told me to do, I did it. I think that’s key… people have to get completely on board with what you’re telling them to do – you can’t half-way do it. I’ve been pleased and I’m expecting even greater results! I cannot say enough good things about the care I have received!”

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- Cheryl Cannon - Simpsonville, South Carolina



I came in because I saw the ad on TV. I wanted to come have my thyroid checked since there is a history of thyroid problems in my family. I was having a lot of problems with short term memory. I was short of breath and felt bad all the time. Before, I had been exercising and tried different weight loss programs to help with the breathing, and they would help for a little while and then it would come right back.

“The thyroid problem I never knew about because they’d just do a basic test at the doctor’s office and it always came out okay. But with the family history, I was very concerned about that. The testing done at New Life determined that it wasn’t the thyroid, but addressing the other problems discovered has really helped. It was discovered that my adrenal glands weren’t working properly and I learned how all of it works together… how each gland helps the other gland and how things can be masked by others. I always thought I had acid reflux for 4-5 years and I took medications for it. Dr. Hirshorn determined that I didn’t have enough acid in my stomach and since that’s been addressed, I’m off of that medication. My arthritis has gotten so much better, I’m not taking anything for the arthritic pain. My breathing is so much better. My appetite is controlled better. My whole outlook is better. My short term memory is fantastic. I had been having trouble remembering words or how to spell them and now I can sit down and write a whole story if I need to… I don’t stop for words, I don’t to think, “How do you spell ‘help’?” This has really been exciting for me because at my age, so many women are coming down with Alzheimer’s and I was really afraid that’s where I was headed and now I have a whole different outlook that “no, that’s not it at all.” My brain needed to be redirected and activated in a lot of areas. I really feel I have been turned completely around. I just feel 100% better.

I would say to others considering care at New Life to run to it as fast as you can! Even talking with new patients coming in, I’m so excited with all the different attributes that it’s helped me in feeling better and I’m able to do things and I have a whole new outlook on life.

I’ve seen children coming to New Life doing so much better in school. A friend’s child is going through Dr. Hirshorn’s program and they are doing 100% better in school. It’s an awesome way to start and restart your life.

I highly recommend finding out… I was very impressed by all the testing that’s been done and the thorough diagnosis of what I truly needed. I even took the test results to my family doctor and they were impressed with the testing and how much they could glean from that to help me as well. I think it’s a very good course of treatment that many should consider.”

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- Jaye Heard - Marietta, South Carolina


“I was having great trouble with my thyroid. I wasn’t sleeping… I’d be up all night. It was frustrating because during the day I’d be so tired. I’d try to rest and I couldn’t sleep. I was also having a lot of hair loss. When I would comb my hair, it would come out. It would be on my cloths, in the car. I don’t have that anymore.

Before coming to see Dr. Hirshorn, I’d have to have a cup of tea in the middle of the day because I was so tired. The tea would give me a little boost, but it wouldn’t last. Now I don’t have to do that; I have energy now. Before I would fall asleep okay but then wake up at 2am and sometimes not be able to go back to sleep. I’ve been sleeping all night now.

Before I also had to use products in my hair to give it body and now I don’t even have to do that. I don’t use anything on my hair most of the time because I’m not losing it anymore.
I started noticing changes after only two weeks of therapy with Dr. Hirshorn. I would definitely recommend others to come to New Life.”

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- Bonnie Horst - Ware Shoals, South Carolina

Prior to hearing about New Life, I was experiencing extreme fatigue that seemed to be gradually increasing over time. I was continuing to have trouble with my thyroid and I was thinking that the fatigue was coming from my thyroid. The fatigue altered my lifestyle in so many ways. Speaking to my medical doctor about it, he gave me medication for it, which I was grateful for at the time, because it allowed me to keep somewhat of a lifestyle. It was a slippery slope though because I became dependent the medication, knowing it wasn’t something I wanted, but at the same time, I didn’t have an alternative to be able to continue in my commitments and my career. I wanted to change, but I didn’t know how to. I also had gone onto medication for depression. It was kind of a layering effect of more medicine and more medicine. I also had continued weight gain even with the medication side effects of appetite suppression. It didn’t help. I continued to gain weight. I felt like I had no other alternative at that point. There were no answers, just more medication. Kind of like a band-aid to help the symptoms.At New Life, it was an education, looking at the whole body and seeing why these things were happening, learning more about how my body works and what it needs to fuel it through food. I realized it doesn’t have to be this way with all the medication. Learning about the process of healing through what I take in and learning how specifically my body chemistry is different from others.

Now I can actually get out of bed in the morning without thinking I just need to get my medication so I can get going through the day, then of course I’d have a crash around three or four in the afternoon when the medication would wear off. Now, I can just get up and go, like I had experienced years prior. I can just get up when the alarm clock goes off and I don’t have to think about when’s the next time I can get back in bed. You get up and you get on with your day and its like mental cleansing to think, “Look what I can do now.” Once you start eating the way you’re supposed to after finding out about the gluten issues… that immediately stops all the digestion problems that I had had… I didn’t’ realize how bad they were until they had gone away.

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- Susan Whitmire - Simpsonville, South Carolina


“I originally came to Dr. Hirshorn for fatigue and weight gain. I was a bit skeptical but I was desperate to try something new. I had been dealing with these issues for over 10 years, seeing my family doctor, 2 rheumatologists and 2 endocrinologists. After attending the informational meeting and hearing about all the different ways thyroid symptoms occur, I decided to go to the next step. After having my blood tests done, we confirmed that it is my thyroid and we needed to find out exactly how to make it better. We ran another battery of tests and Dr. Hirshorn did a very thorough neuro exam. He started my treatment with dietary change. He allowed me to slowly make the change over two weeks. From that time forward when I would “cheat” my body would tell me that’s not what you need to do. At this time, I am 6 weeks into treatment. I have lost 18 pounds and am feeling more like myself. I am walking farther and starting to build up exercise tolerance. I look forward to shopping in my closet for smaller clothes as I lose weight. I can also now make it through the day without falling asleep, allowing me to participate at work and lead meetings. The staff at New Life is wonderful. They continuously encourage you, even when you make poor choices. This has definitely been worth it.”

- Julia Holzen - Simpsonville, South Carolina

“When I first saw Dr. Hirshorn on the news I could not sleep, I had no energy, I was overweight, irritable and had high blood pressure. Because of my health issues, I was not able to hunt or spend time with loved ones. I had difficulty just doing everyday tasks. Dr. Hirshorn did a very thorough evaluation that included a neurological exam, detailed bloodwork, and some other more advanced testing. He found out that in addition to my already diagnosed hemochromatosis, I had blood sugar issues, adrenal fatigue, a gene defect, food sensitivities and lots of inflammation. I didn’t get this way overnight, so it took a little while for me to start to see changes, but once I did, the improvement was dramatic. By the end of the program I had lost 60 pounds and saw 80% improvement in all my symptoms like brain fog, irritability, dizziness and back pain. I’m able to run now and my endurance has improved, I can sleep much better and I can hunt and hike in the mountains. I appreciate all that Dr. Hirshorn and his team have done to help me to feel better than I have in years!”

- David Kirby - Marietta, South Carolina

“I am very glad I’ve had the opportunity to meet Dr. Hirshorn and get to know more about my body and what I need to put into it. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 30 years. I know the good and the bad. I know that unfortunately, the medicine that they produce usually can treat SYMPTOMS, not necessarily provide CURES. What are the origins of the medical issues we face and can we “cure” them by tweaking our lifestyle?I have always been a carb junkie. I have always been overweight. Recent studies show that inflammation plays a large role in the origins of many diseases, and that our body’s responses to the onslaught of too much “bad” carbohydrate go from discomfort to diesase. My family has a history of Barrett’s esophagus. Reflux over time can adversely affect the types of cells that grow up the esophagus, and can cause them to become more likely to be cancerous. Both my father and sister are being treated. Was I next? I was on 40mg Nexium to prevent that from happening to me. Nexium has been shown to be a relatively safe drug, but could I do something to prevent it from being necessary?

I heard Dr. Hirshorn talk at a meeting that I attend. He talked about how a specific lifestyle change might prevent a myriad of diseases. Could it help me? I also have mild non-alcholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a disorder that causes the liver to become fatty. This can result in more ominous liver problems. The liver is very important and I wanted to do as little additional damage as possible. I went on a pretty strict diet because of Dr. Hirshorn’s advice.

It was not tough at all! I was amazed at all the foods that have hidden enriched flours, sugars; I did my homework. I did not start this diet to lose weight, but the pounds started to fall off. Without even trying.

I decided to see if there was any effect on my reflux. I stopped taking Nexium. NO REFLUX! The only time I had a return of symptoms was when I had a stuffed baked potato for dinner and a bit of cake (have to be polite at someone else’s house sometimes…)

I knew I needed to make this change, but it was hearing Dr. Hirshorn’s talk and reasoning that put me over the edge. I have never felt better! I reclaimed wardrobe that was collecting dust. Thanks Dr. Hirshorn!”

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- Scott McNeal - Greenville, South Carolina

“When I found Dr. Hirshorn, it was after years of asking questions and getting no answers or help. I had weight gain, fatigue, blood pressure issues, thyroid and autoimmune disease. Dr. Hirshorn was able to EXPLAIN why I was having these symptoms, and give direction to improve my health.My low thyroid was diagnosed 20 years ago. Four years ago I was also diagnosed with chronic fatigue and Hashimoto’s but was given no direction and had no improvement in symptoms. I went to various doctors over the years – five, six, possibly more. But no one has explained my symptoms or how to get better.

When I first saw Dr. Hirshorn I would say my symptoms were an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10. Improvement since has varied as with any autoimmune condition. There are good days and bad days. Today, ALL my bad days are better than when I started. Never over a 5 out of 10. Along with feeling better, I’ve lost 25 pounds.My goal when starting was to be able to get out and walk. The fatigue and joint pain would not allow me any energy to do so. Today, I try to walk 4-5 days per week and recently added cardio/weight workouts 3 days per week. I feel better!Dr. Hirshorn and his staff are very knowledgeable. They help you along the journey to better health. They explain the benefits and cons of following the dietary and supplement protocols. The decision is yours but they are always available to answer questions.I would tell someone who is considering working with Dr. Hirshorn that it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.”

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- Karen Steffan - Greer, South Carolina

Patient Success Stories

Joy Hinson

Simpsonville, SC

Carolyn Southerlin

Greenville, SC

Marion Robertson

Greenville, SC
“My care has been absolutely wonderful. On my first visit they were explaining to me the therapy, it’s effectiveness, and high success rate. When you hear people talking about success rate, it’s easy to think they’re talking out of town. But when I went through with the treatment, I learned it was completely true. I am very happy with my treatment and the results I have gotten. Everyone at New Life Medical Center cares tremendously about their patients. I have had an incredible experience and would recommend them to anyone who is tired of hurting.”

Charles Wilson

Simpsonvile, SC

Tammy Templeton

Simpsonville, SC