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Diabetes Management

I came to see Dr. Hirshorn for diabetes that I’ve suffered from for 3-4 years. My symptoms were about a 7 on a scale of 0-10. I started noticing improvement within 4-5 weeks. Overall, I’m about 65% better. My lab results showed a great improvement over a 90 day period. My HbA1c dropped over a point to below the diabetic range and my sugar is now be... read more

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Gary Ray

Knee Pain


I heard about New Life on WLFJ talk radio. I heard you do a commercial. You were advertising a seminar. I sat through the seminar and I knew that you knew what you were talking about. So many things that you mentioned, I was struggling with. I was convinced that you could help me.Before I came in, I was having problems sleeping at night… waking eve... read more

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Cheryl Cannon


Patient Success Stories

Joy Hinson

Simpsonville, SC

Carolyn Southerlin

Greenville, SC

Marion Robertson

Greenville, SC
“My care has been absolutely wonderful. On my first visit they were explaining to me the therapy, it’s effectiveness, and high success rate. When you hear people talking about success rate, it’s easy to think they’re talking out of town. But when I went through with the treatment, I learned it was completely true. I am very happy with my treatment and the results I have gotten. Everyone at New Life Medical Center cares tremendously about their patients. I have had an incredible experience and would recommend them to anyone who is tired of hurting.”

Charles Wilson

Simpsonvile, SC

Tammy Templeton

Simpsonville, SC